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Thread: This is not islam please don't do it

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    This is not islam please don't do it

    Salam Everyone,
    Sorry for English but today I am going to discuss very important topic and therefore I need to speak freely which I can't do in roman or Urdu. I feel like every Muslim should be aware of this because this phase of life everyone will go through.

    FYI: So, I live in a city which is mostly Muslim (in fact in American it is #1 city with most Muslims) and I work in ICU so I get to treat a lot of Muslim people.

    Background: So I am going to share 2 cases and will tell later explain why I think it should not be linked to Islam.

    We had a patient on our floor for over 2 months. He had multiple health issues, couldn't speak due to stroke, had cancer all over his body. Family wanted to keep in full code (meaning if his heart stop we are to perform CPR and give him electrical shocks). Multiple doctors tried to explain to family to let him go but they continue to refuse saying (Allah want him to suffer and in return his sin will be wiped off). In his hospital stay due to the medications he was on (levophed) started turning his hands and feet into dark blue because this medication works in a way to raise Blood pressure by constricting blood vessels in areas that are less vital. Family was agreeing to amputate his feet but doctors didn't want to perform surgery because it is very risky. Anyway he finally gave up and his heart stopped. We performed compression on him for 30 minutes breaking all his ribs and family still wanted to continue. Saying our imam says you can do to whatever u can to save him. This imam who has zero medical knowledge and know nothing about the patient.

    Second case: My coworker was really busy 27th at midnight so I took one of her patient who was critically ill. The minute I assess this patient I knew his time was near. I informed doctor and family members that please change his code status so we don't have to break his ribs. Family showed up and finally let us change his status. But family did not wanted to remove him from ventilator machine (because they wanted to give him time) and also medication that was keeping his blood pressure elevated. His blood pressure was 30/19 and he looked like he was dead (full skin yellow and cold). He stayed alive full day and full night for me. I sat close to his bed praying kay Allah please do mercy on him and take him peacefully don't make him suffer. But when I left work last night he was still alive.

    Those 2 cases are very painful to see and experience. From my 2 years of experience I would say kay Death is a Blessing from Allah and please don't let your 80s years old grand parents or parents suffer. Death will come to Allah and let them die with Dignity. This is very cruel and in most cases it is for own selfish reason because we are not welling to let go of our relatives, friends and family.

    These machine and medications are made for people who have hope and can recover. Not for those who are waiting for death and even if we save them they will live miserable life. Lying on bed having someone clean you, feed you, turn you. This is not life and I refuse to believe that Allah will want someone to suffer this much. Most doctor will not talk about this because medicine is business. They are getting money. But Please don't let people suffer. Everyone can make a difference by avoiding that in their loved one's life. Lets have a discussion here and please ask me questions if you need to. I am only starting this because shayad kisi ki help ho jai.
    رَّبِّ زِدْنِى عِلْمًا

    نہیں ھوتا کسی طبیب سے اس مرض کا علاج وصی
    عـــشـــق لا عــلاج ھـــــے ، بس پــــرہــیــز کیجیے

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    وعلیکم السلام۔ میں آپ سے متفق وغیرہ ہوں۔
    اُمید ہے باقی ممبران اسپر مزید روشنی ڈالیں گے۔
    !!!!موہے رنگ دو لال

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    میرے دادا ابو ایک سو چار سال کی عمر میں فوت ہوئے ہیں

    عمر کے آخری حصے میں بھی وہ سوائے بینائی جانے کے اور کسی بھی قسم کے مرض میں مبتلا نہیں تھے

    اس دوران ایک بار ان کوشوگر لو ہو گئی

    تو جو ان کے پاس میرے رشتے دار تھے جن کو پنجابی میں شریکے کہتے ہیں

    انہوں نے تو کہہ دیا کہ بس اب ان کو مزید تکلیف نہ دیں یہ اب آخری وقت ہے

    جبکہ ان کو میں ہوسپٹل لے گیا ان کی مرضی کے خلاف تو وہ نہ صرف ٹھیک ہو گئے بلکہ اس کے بعد انہوں نے تفصیل سے اپنی زندگی پر روشنی ڈالی
    جد امجد کے کشمیر سے پنجاب آنے یہاں سیٹ ہونے ان کی اولاد سب شجر نسب اور کہاں موجود اور کہاں دفن ہوئے کیا کرتے ہیں
    اپنے سب بچوں کی پیدائش وفات ان کی شادیاں
    کاروبار اس کے نقصان فوائد
    اپنے بھانجوں سے بہت پیار تھا ان کو
    غرض اتنی معلومات ملیں جتنی کبھی سوچی نہیں تحیں
    آباو اجداد کے گھر دیکھ کر آیا میں قبریں دیکھیں
    اس کے بعد ان کی پھر طبیعت بگڑی
    دوبارہ شوگر کم ہوئی جو بحال نہ ہو سکی
    جتنی ڈاکٹروں سے ممکن تھا کوشش کی لیکن پھر سانس نہیں آئی
    اللہ تعالی ان پر رحم فرمائے آمین

    بات کا مقصد یہ ہے کہ بلکل بھی ہاتھ پاوں نہیں چھوڑ دینے چاہیے
    جتنا ڈاکٹر کہتے ہیں ممکن حد تک کوشش کرنی چاہیے

    میں اگر ان کے لیے کوشش نہ کرتا تو نہ میں ان سے وہ علم حاصل کر پاتا
    اور نہ میرابچہ ان کی دعائیں لے پاتا
    اب کوئی دعوی نہ کرنا عمر بھر
    اشک آنکھوں میں نہ بھرنا عمر بھر
    ہم تمہیں چاہتے ہیں، دیکھو پھر کبھی
    ہم سے تو تم نہ ہی کہنا عمر بھر۔ ۔ ۔


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